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Mistaken Point, Newfoundland

Research Casting International was contracted by the Royal Ontario Museum and the Government of Newfoundland to produce life size casts that precisely replicate the surface of the rock face housing 565 million year old Ediacaran life forms at the Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve

Cenozoic Mammal Hall

Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History has contracted Research Casting International for a wide ranging project that has RCI disassembling, repairing, consolidating, mounting and remounting, for display, many specimens

Barosaurus Display

Research Casting International was commissioned to restore and mount the Barosaurus for the Royal Ontario Museum. It is the largest dinosaur ever displayed in Canada and the only original fossil Barosaurus in the world

Brachiosaurus Display

Research Casting International was commissioned by the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Germany to restore and remount its famous Brachiosaurus exhibit on display in the grand atrium of the Museum.

Display Relocation

Research Casting was awarded the contract to completely dismantle and reassemble the paleontology displays at the Amherst College Museum of Natural History in addition to being responsible for moving the world renowned Hitchcock ichnology collection.


ROM Barosaur and RCI featured on Museum Secrets

The ROM Barosaurus and Research Casting International recently were featured on the History Channel show Museum Secrets

Cast of the Oldest Ecosystem in the world finds a home in the Newest Gallery at the ROM

Research Casting International has successfully and beautifully created the largest fossil cast, of its kind, in the world. On March 30, 2010 Discovery Channel's, "Daily Planet" aired a segment showcasing the relocation of two sections of the Mistaken Point cast to the Royal Ontario Museum

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World Renowned in Providing Museum Technical Services

Research Casting International (RCI) is one of the world's largest providers of Museum Technical Services, which include specimen preparation, specimen restoration, specimen casting, specimen molding, specimen mounting, exhibit fabrication and exhibit moving.

RCI, founded in 1987 by Peter May and celebrating its 24th year of operation, has been commissioned to perform work for museums around the world. In that time RCI has provided hundreds of cast dinosaur, mammal and reptile skeletons.

RCI operates out of a new 45,000 square foot, state of the art facility that can accommodate dinosaur, mammal and reptile fossil restoration, casting and mounting commissions and other museum exhibit projects of any size and complexity.

In partnership with DINOLAB, the company's catalog of cast skeletons and skulls of dinosaurs, mammals and reptiles includes over 170 specimen available to be cast in a variety of materials, including bronze, and professionally mounted.

The company maintains a full complement of experienced craftsmen and artists who are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the world's rarest paleontological specimens and artifacts.

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